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Let's set our Intentions & succeed!

May 2021


We are the beginning of a new month, and Spring is here!  This month we are all about setting intentions for every area of our life.  As I was enjoying my slow morning routine of reading the word of God, and enjoying online worship at Glory Of Zion International I thought about what’s ahead this month.  At the core of every accomplishment is a plan and action toward the plan.  For me this is intentional living.  

Living a Nested Life is a new clubhouse room that is focused on helping others to realize their goals.  You can check us out on clubhouse if you are already there, and join in the conversation Monday – Friday.  See our profile for room topics and conversations. 

 The challenge is all about setting our intentions and will follow a simple formula for success from our Living a Nested Life course.

  1.  Start the day with intention by writing down your intentions for the day.

2.  Check-in midday and jot down a journal note on how you are doing.

3.  Reflect at the end of the day to see how the day went 

Each day we will post a prompt on Instagram & Facebook to keep you focused along with my own journey and prompts for the day.  That’s it!  It’s that simple, and we are on this journey together.  Let’s get started today.  Download the guide, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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