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A New Year of FLOW: Aligning our Vision and Purpose in life

Moving into 2021 with intention

The New Year is a time of possibilities! As we begin this year, I am embracing a new flow and perspective. This focus was gained as we lived intentionally and navigated 2020 with all that it brought. Now that we are moving ahead into 2021 there are a few things to keep in mind. The actions of reflection on everyday life is in the forefront. The last week of 2020 we shared the process of creating vision for your life.


The videos will be available until the end of the week for your review so be sure to take the time to watch them.

Video #1 Make Your Goals Visible

Video #2 Review Your Year Before Moving Forward

Video #3 Goals Tri-fold How- To

Video #4 Goals Tracking & Review of 2020

Video #5 Keeping Your Goals in Focus

For those who were tuned in all week, the videos offer a code to sign up for a one-on-one session with Developing People, Inc. to guide your 2021 set up to achieve goals. The sessions can be scheduled in the month of January. Checkout our services link and sign up for the 2021 Launch Pad session to join. For friends of family please share your code(one share per person).

A Word for the Year - FLOW

Seeking God for a focus of the year begins with getting still and listening for what's ahead. This year my word is FLOW. To guide this process checkout Ali Edwards One Little Word.

Your Core Values

When your core values are clear you live with intention. DPi is a source to help you get clear on the values that guide your life. By using tools to get clear we create plans that are tied to our core values.

Vision boards

A picture of what is ahead can be created through a vision board. The vision board takes shape when we make daily plans to move the goal from an idea to a reality.

What are your goals for this year? Write down your goals and create a list of possibilities. You will be amazed at how quickly your goals become a reality. Need some help, sign up for our one-on-one session and let us guide your process.

At Developing People, Inc. we have an array of services to individuals, communities, and businesses. Checkout our WeConnect Communities section! Our feature connection this month is Breakthrough with Diedre! Listen to her interview on the Simple Things Podcast. Join us for our podcast on each month, and be sure to check out Erika Brown's interview on releasing the past and looking ahead to 2021.

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