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What I Know for Sure....

54 years of lessons learned through experience by Kelly Ramsey

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54 years of life teaches you and transforms you

Life teaches you lessons that will transcend the years and shape your understanding of yourself and the people you share life with. It was 12 years ago that I decided to write down the things I know for sure. At 42 the list chronicled both lived experiences and memories etched in my heart and mind. The list created at 42 years old has been added to and includes 12 more entries to bring us to the present moment.

What I know for sure

  1. Faith in God sustains you always!
  2. Prophecies are work the wait.  
  3. You can get paid for your passio
  4. Good friends last.
  5. You can marry your friend.
  6. Family comes in all sizes.
  7. Simplicity matters.
  8. Growing things makes me happy.
  9. Speak less and listen more.
  10. I can choose......
  11. My words create life.
  12. I can leave the world a better place.
  13. If you like it, who cares what others say.
  14. Your body will not stay young forever.
  15. Listen to your parents, they really know some things.
  16. Experience is the best teacher.
  17. Process, Process, Process
  18. Sing out loud!  It feels good.
  19. Be silly,  It strengthens your journey.
  20. Helping others matters. 
  21. Eat good food with good people.
  22. Without God, I am nothing.
  23. Things rejected begin to fail(health, hair, eyes)
  24. Honor your elders by recording their stories.
  25. A home is a place where love abides.
  26. You can begin again, I did!
  27. What really matters are people, relationships and not things.
  28. I LIKE ME!
  29. Only I control what upsets me, not people.
  30. Aging comes in all sizes and shapes.
  31. Healthy me is the best me!
  32. Things happen when you make time for them.
  33. Don't wait, CEASE the day!
  34. "Put the big rocks in first".  Stephen Covey
  35. You only live once so live well.
  36. Hobbies become therapy when done well and often.
  37. meet no stranger, to make friends become one.
  38. Investing time in people always pays off.
  39. God's timing is always right on time.
  40. When driven by passion your energy multiplies.
  41. Being a mom makes all things fail in comparison.
  42. Life is a vapor, don't waste time.
  43. Travel opens up doors of possibilities
  44. Keeping a journal reminds you that you have lived, felt, and triumphed.
  45. All feelings should be acknowledged and felt.
  46. Living an authentic life means that you are the best you at all times.
  47. Silence is a powerful tool.
  48. Make no apology for your excellence, it's the standard for all.
  49. Therapy is a good thing that validates you and brings added value.
  50. True friends make you laugh and cry.
  51. All of who I am comes to every encounter and experience.
  52. I am not my roles.
  53. Freedom liberates your mind and heart.
  54. Food brings people together. Cozy Living is the Hygee Life.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci
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