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A Year of Intention: 2023

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What does it mean to live with intention? We all love a great beginning and seeing our goals met. This desire is met when we create intentions that align what we believe with what we want in our lives. The beginning of a new year positions us to look back on what was, and look forward to what will be.

Today was my first day back in the office. A quiet workspace where I create and serve clients and colleagues. It started out great, arriving early, eating breakfast, planning my day. I had a schedule meetings and a list of thing to acomplish, but.....

I failed to use the tools and to block my schedule and get to work. Often we have great dreams and ideas but no will power or intention to get it done. Attending one more seminar, buying one more book will not get it done. It takes us setting the intention and then getting to work.

Are you ready to maximize your year? Here's how to get started:

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