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Slowing Down Your Daily Rituals

Intentional Practices that Create the Life we Want

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In a season of hustle and bustle we want to offer new life to your daily rituals. Join us for our daily ritual challenge.Just sign up here and enjoy a simple tip in your inbox. Follow us on instagram by tagging us #dpiselfcareslowdown

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#1 Bath ritual

Create a bath basket filled with allyour favorite things for arelaxing bath.  Set the moodwith somesoaking musicto ministertoyoursoul.closethe door,and indulge for 30- 45 minutes. The bath basket will signal you to make the time inyour day. Checkout our WEConnect page for Sage&Apothecary link to artisan products.

This simple ritual will help your body detox and relax.  Set a reminder on your phone to still away each week for this 30 minute indulgence,  Your body and mind will thank you for it.

#2 Morning Devotional

Starting your day slowing down to focus on your spiritual development is a great way to move into your day with intention. Choosing a devotional is the first step. Here are a few that I have used through the years. Keeping it simple, is key. Choose a system that works for 

#3 Slow cooking a meal

Instead of our slow cooker, microwave or instapot let's cook a meal from stratch. Find your favorite recipe or cook show. and buy the ingredients to cook alongside of the cook. Take the time to chop, dice, and marinade and see what delectable food you can create. A simple chopped salad layered with fresh veges and a simple balsamic dressing. What will you create? Take a picture of your ingredients and then plate your food and take another picture. Be sure to tag #dpiselfcareslowdown

#4 An homage to the meal

Have you every slowed down your process of eating to think about the hands that gathered the wheat or churned the butter from your favorite place. i love the smell of fresh bread baking and spreading soften butter on the warm sourdough bread. Take a moment to plate a meal or snack and then eat it slowly remembering how it came to be. Wild Rice and chicken soup bringing memories of the rice fields where workers gather, knelt down picking the rice as tigers lay in the distance. This brings a new level of gratitude to the food we eat.

#5 Walking in nature

The act of walking in silence and taking in all our senses can experience brings rest to our minds and vitality to our soul. I recently joined Theresa Horne's 30 day challenge to walk in nature. Purchase her book and take a journey that will change your life. Aware of our surroundings and our breath takes on the very meaning of self care

What are your favorite self-care rituals? Share them using our hashtag #dpiselfcareslowdown.


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