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    By Kelly Ramsey

  • The Daily Flow

    Join us in our daily journey through everyday experiences as an entrepreneur, wife, mom, creative, and early childhood leader. We share practical tips to get through the challenges, joys, and obstacles of living fully awake.


    Let’s share our journey, and take joy in the daily flow of our lives.

    The New Year is a time of possibilities! As we begin this year, I am embracing a new flow and perspective. This focus was gained as we lived intentionally and navigated 2020 with all that it brought. Now that we are moving ahead into 2021 there are a few things to keep in mind. The actions of...
    54 years of life teaches you and transforms you Life teaches you lessons that will transcend the years and shape your understanding of yourself and the people you share life with. It was 12 years ago that I decided to write down the things I know for sure. At 42 the list chronicled both lived...
    The new month brings an opportunity to reset our focus. Today's reflection: A new month of beginning and a time for possibilities Checking in with our bodies, hearts and our minds. Review your journal in past months, to see how far you have come. This month we reflect on our victories and the...
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